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Have you ever thought about the processes involved when trying to build a house? I bet you must have, but do not seem to have an answer. Let me put you out of your misery by making a list.

Owning a house (personal or commercial) is everyone’s dream. The thought of having to live rent-free for the rest of your life motivates one to work harder. When the opportunity arises, getting a structure erected has to go through some processes before it is achieved. Look at the processes below that must happen before we can term your housing project complete.

Processes Before Building a House

Get a Land

You can’t think of completing your housing project if you do not have a parcel of land. Obviously you would not build the house in the air. Getting a land could be one of the major problems you could encounter if you intend to own a house. This is so because there are processes you would need to undergo to complete the acquisition. Asides being careful of being scammed, there are some documents you would need to have. These documents prove you are the legal owner of the land in question. See those documents below.

  • Survey Plan
  • Approved Layout
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Certificate of Occupancy / Governor’s Consent
  • Power of Attorney

I listed these documents in no particular order as they may or may not be present to facilitate the purchase of the land. However, it is necessary you involve a lawyer during the process of purchase.

Consult an Architect

Now that you have land to house your property, it is time to think about the design or property type. That means it would involve an architect. Some people may not know what is convenient, hence the advice from an architect. An architect is saddled with the planning, designing, and construction of the property. When consulted, he would provide sketches and designs for your requirements. They only do this after reaching a prior agreement with the architect, and the payment of the consultation fee. This process can’t be skipped.

Get a Bill of Quantity

Now that you have your desired design, you need to get an estimate. You need to know how much money you would be working with. This is important as it helps you make a decision on whether to start the building project or not. You can negotiate with your architect to provide this document as they work hand in hand with other professionals in the built environment. In this case, the quantity surveyor who prepares the estimate.

Hire a Contractor

Now that you have purchased the land, you have your approved design, and your bill of quantity, you need a contractor. This is the last process before construction of your property commences. You need to hire a contractor to transfer your building from paper to the ground. These guys do not come cheap, however, you can’t escape industry standards with respect to contractor charges. Look for a suitable contractor, probably one with a lot of experience so you have a hitch-free construction.

Now that you know all of the processes needed to have your own house, you can be at rest and plan properly. Do not forget that you need people in the building to make it a home (winks). This completes the package.

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