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Best Furniture Firms in Nigeria
Are you looking for the best furniture firms in Nigeria? Search no more as this article aims to bring you details about who makes the best furniture. Furniture pieces would forever be a thing as long as the built environment is concerned. Without furniture pieces, a building remains just a structure. The furniture and fittings are what make structures habitable. Clients in Nigeria have tonnes and tonnes of ideas about how they want their furniture pieces to look like. They even go as far as making sketches of what they want, then set out to look for the best furniture firms in Nigeria to bring to fruition what they have sketched. That’s where the problem comes in. They get to see various furniture pieces made by different firms but find it hard to settle on one firm. There are various reasons and factors which hinder them in making the right choices. These factors all align along the path of honesty, Integrity, attention to detail and cost. If  a client gets past the factors listed above, then it would be easier to make a choice on who makes the furniture piece for them. As a result of these circumstances, we have put it on ourselves to make a list of the best furniture firms in Nigeria. This list is void of favoritism, as we have had dealings with the firms listed below and will always recommend them. Without further delay, check out the best furniture firms in Nigeria below:

Best Furniture Firms in Nigeria

In no particular order, check out the best firms you can trust to make your furniture pieces.

Housessories Ltd

When you hear Housessories, what comes to mind? For the “house” in the name is quite inviting and says a lot. It helps me assimilate the fact that since they have that word in their name, then they should be masters in the business. True to that, they are masters in the business. They are located within the Ikeja region of Lagos on grounds that house their head office. They have a 10 year experience in the business and would deliver quality jobs. Housessories Ltd is a unique interior and lifestyle organisation that provides value-priced items for leading brand organizations. Their furniture pieces are modular and and can be requested as previously built in the event of an expansion. Housessories Ltd have their showroom located at City Mall, Onikan and are the first indigenous furniture firm to have an online store. With housessories ltd, I think you are at the right place in furniture design.

I.O Furniture Ltd

Talk about state of the art machinery, large scale furniture jobs, and timely delivery, then I.O Furniture is your go to arena. Situated in the heart of the Ilupeju industrial area, I.O Furniture is one of the leading furniture makers in Nigeria. They have carried out lots of jobs in sectors that cut across the hospitality, Healthcare, Educational, Business, and Finance sectors. They have a clientele list that sits up there with the blue chip companies. Although they make the best designs due to their sophisticated machinery, they are quite pricey. If you are on a budget, then this is not for you.

Hitech Design Furniture Limited

Hitech design furniture ltd is another top class furniture manufacturer in Nigeria. Just like I.O Furniture, they are located in Ilupeju and also have state of the art machinery. Machinery like a multi purpose CNC machine, high tech beam saw, sophisticated Edge banding machine, as well as other necessary tools. These are all used to make sure whatever item you require, comes out as designed. They also make interior design proposals and help you with space planning on the side. Unlike their counterparts I.O Furniture, they are quite affordable and deliver in a timeline fashion. Hitech design furniture limited have factory and showroom located at 53 Adeshiyan street ilupeju. They also have an online presence and could be reached online. These are the top 3 best furniture firms in Nigeria. They render quality service and would leave you happy as ever. Feel free to use the comment section to let us know about more top quality furniture manufacturing firms. Also kindly share this article if you like it.

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