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Cost of Foundation for 3 Bedroom Bungalow
Do you want to know the cost of foundation for 3 bedroom bungalow? This article has all of the answers you need. Building a 3 bedroom bungalow is an achievement to some people, as they avoid paying rent throughout a lifetime. For some people, they have these aspirations of owning a property sometime but do not know the financial implication of that dream. Embarking on the construction of structures for living purposes should be a carefully thought-out plan. This is pertinent so as to maximize time and resources. If not carefully planned, resources (time and money) could be wasted. Before you get to knowing the cost of foundation for 3 bedroom bungalow, you need to know the steps it takes to achieve that level of the entire project. Continue further down this article and see tips.

Preliminary Stages of a 3 Bedroom Bungalow Construction

You don’t jump into the construction of a 3 bedroom bungalow. A little housekeeping is expected, as it enables you stay on track. There are processes that need to happen before others follow suit. You need to follow the stages of construction which requires you follow the tips below.

Get Your Designs

You can’t know the cost of foundation for a 3 bedroom bungalow if you do not have the necessary drawings. Design drawings are a must-have as regards the construction of a bungalow. With your design drawings prepared by an architect, it is around 95% sure that you have a near accurate cost for your structure. Asides an accurate cost, having your designs ready helps you get a clearer picture of what needs to happen, or what your structure would look like when it’s completed.

Have an Estimate Prepared

As soon as you have your working drawings, the next step is to get an estimate. The estimate is prepared by a quantity surveyor and details all the work to be done with its cost. The bill of quantities act as a guide to engaging contractors and paying for work done. It is from this estimate that you can get the cost of foundation for a 3 bedroom bungalow. Other processes involved includes:
  • Get Approval

  • Hire a contractor

  • Start the construction process

Now that we have stated the obvious process in construction that we can’t skip as regards the construction of a building, let us look at the subject of this article.

Cost of Foundation For 3 Bedroom Bungalow

The cost of foundation for a 3 bedroom bungalow is quite relative and appears to be different as a result of certain factors. The soil conditions tops the list as various soil types behave differently when a load is placed on it. Client A could have his foundation done for Cost A, while Client B could have the same foundation done at his own site for Cost B. The difference between cost A and B could be miles apart. This is as a result of the soil conditions within the client’s property.

Types of Soil

The cost of foundation is highly affected by the soil condition at any point in time. Soil can be grouped into the following below, with respect to building foundations.
  • Coarse Grained – divided into gravelly soils (G) and sands and sandy soils (S)
This type of soil is composed of sands with a variety of particles, as well as granite. They are suitable for foundations only when well drained, thus having a good bearing value. This means they can bear load from various building types as they are.
  • Fine Grained – divided based on their plasticity properties. (L,H)
This soil type contains mostly clay and silt, whose particles are way smaller. It is suitable for building foundations but only when compacted.
  • Highly Organic – are not subdivided. (Pt)
Highly Organic are soils that are usually very compressible and are not suitable for construction. They contain particles of leaves, grass, and branches. Peat, Humus, and swamp soil with highly organic texture are typical of this group. These are identified readily on the basis of color, texture, and odor. Moisture content is also very high in this type of soil. If this soil type is found on your property, it means you would have to go deeper into the subsurface in search of a stable soil bed. This would require the of piles in most cases.

Final Thoughts

The cost of foundation for a 3 bedroom bungalow will differ according to the soil type, as well as foundation type. A soil test is pertinent to know the soil composition and as such, recommend the right foundation type. Do you need Designs, estimates or equipment, send us a message HERE!    

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