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Construction Companies in Nigeria
Are you looking for the best construction companies in Nigeria for your enormous projects? Look no further as this article lists some of the best there is, in the business. When enormous projects are involved, one gets confused in selecting a contractor. The client weighs options, looks at the pros and cons, digging deep to make sure they are making the right decisions. In trying to do this, they make a list of values that they intend to cross out before making a choice. Values such as the following below are scrutinized.

The safety Performance of the Contractor

What are the contractor’s safety records? How often do you hear of injuries or defects occurring during or after the completion of a project? This is a deal-breaker so you do not have issues with the project as regards safety.

Worker’s compensation

What are the welfare packages of the workers while on the job? Is the contractor used to billing for top quality work but use cheap labor to avert standard payment packages for workers? This information will help you in deciding as it reflects on the quality of work to be delivered.

Recorded injury rates

This is pertinent, as the client would like to know if the project is in safe hands. High injury rates on projects, says a lot about the construction firm’s safety values and measures. It means safety is not a priority for them in layman terms.

Competency level

This is a straightforward decision as the client would place this at the top of the list. How competent are you as a contractor to handle enormous projects?

Current workload

You may be the best candidate for the job but do you have the time to execute? I mean, what is your current workload? Are your resources deployed to other projects thus leaving you handicapped to accept extra projects? This is a factor when choosing a contractor for a project.


This is very, very vital to the selection of a construction firm. With no experience in a major construction sector, clients can make little or no headway in making a selection. Vast experience in the industry helps to boost the popularity of a firm. Not just experience but quality referrals do the trick. Now we have examined the factors clients consider before selecting a contractor, let us look at the best construction companies in Nigeria for enormous projects.

Best Construction Companies in Nigeria for Large Projects

In no particular order, check out the best construction companies in Nigeria for enormous projects.

Julius Berger Plc

Julius Berger Nigeria plc is one of the leading construction firms in West Africa and has quite a reputation. They render services that cover the planning, design, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, and industrial projects in Nigeria. They have their headquarters stationed in Abuja, while having permanent sites in Lagos and Akwa Ibom states, respectively. Those sites are for pieces of equipment and raw materials. With a staff strength numbering some 18,000, across 40 nations, Julius Berger is surely a force to reckon with in the construction Industry. They have carried out numerous projects across the Nigerian built environment which includes the following listed below.
  • The popular Tin Can Island Port built and commissioned in 1977.
  • Ajaokuta Steel Plant, Ogun state. They completed this project in 1990.
  • Itakpe – Ajaokuta Ore Railway, completed in 1990
  • Abuja International Airport phase II, completed in 1997
  • The Central Bank of Nigeria Head Office, completed in 2002
  • National Assembly phase III, completed in 2011.
  • Multiple projects, Escravos GTL plant in southern Nigeria, commissioned in 2012.
  • Challawa Gorge Dam Karaye, completed in 1992
Other best construction companies in Nigeria for enormous projects include:

Cappa & D’alberto

Costain West Africa

Elalan Construction

Reynolds Construction Company (RCC)

Feel free to mention more construction firms in the comment section. Kindly share this article if you like it.

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